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Joe responded within 2 hours of my request. He came out at a time best for my schedule and answered all of my questions. His guys are very nice and great workers. They always have a smile and clearly show concern about pleasing the home owner. Also they seem to work very well as a team...... I was in awe when they worked well into the dark of night to get a portion of the roof secure from water when there was a 15% to 18% chance of rain that night. They even continued to work to clean up the day's mess when it was VERY dark. I finally insisted they drop their clean-up tasks and go home to their family and have their dinner. A mess over night was not as important as they getting home in my opinion. Next day they of course they cleaned the job site immaculately........ in the light of day. Joe happened to be on vacation during the week of my roofing job. I can attest the "MICE DID NOT PLAY" while the owner was away. They worked diligently to give me a beautiful secure roof. All I can say is.......THANK YOU !!

Sandra T., Brookfield, CT