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Tips and Tricks for Home Remodeling and Additions

1. Make sure you plan. From calculating costs of materials to the time frame that the room will be out of use, it is extremely important to plan out everything. This may be a determining factor in choosing granite over Corian, or a 6-week project versus a 15-week project. Make sure all resources (time, money, etc.) are available before diving into a large project.

2. Get recommendations. When taking on a large project like a full bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel, you should get estimates and opinions from various individuals before starting. You may end up getting a better price. JR’s offers affordable services every day.

3. Make a budget. The last thing you want is to finish your project with a beautiful new kitchen but be $10,000 over budget. It is important to connect with a general contractor that will work with you and your personal budget. JR’s does exactly that!

4. Keep the extras. We’ll make sure we leave the leftover paint, pieces of tile, or remnants of any other products with you, just in case a repair is needed in the future.

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